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Ibrahim Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd. is the  leading Air Cargo company in Pakistan , offering air cargo services in Pakistan and cargo Handling especially at every International Airports in Pakistan, with absolute agreement with safety and security rules and regulations.  Fast and best Physical handling is key points in quality to provide efficient Air Cargo Services in Pakistan. in our company Warehouses and equipment are constantly showed by the input of technical innovation and by the need for a permanent enhancement of functional efficiency. Compliant equipment and processes are installed such as X-ray machines , CCTV, dog-assisted team units, Explosive Tracing Device  for detection of explosives. at Ibrahim Logistics we have computerized operation data handling system that was specifically developed for full compatibility with airline systems for air cargo services , and because we are the no 1 air cargo company in Pakistan dealing with the local and Global customers and updating them on a real-time basis. 



We have a professional team of experts who transports a range of commodities through air cargo company in Pakistan as well to a number of global destinations. The commodities that big Cargo ships contains a variety of different items which contains such as meat, seafood, seasonal fruits, vegetables, textiles, paper products, laboratory/surgical equipment, cars, aircraft parts, heavy machinery and human remains. For more information on commodities that Ibrahim Logistics air cargo company & its applicable rates, please contact our cargo market manager. We are also specializes in the uplift of special cargo such as relief goods, live animals (sheep, cows, camels, horses) and medical supplies. These are shipped on need basis. Please contact us for any kind of consultancy.

Cargo Services Overview:

  • Air Freight Handling
  • Mail Handling
  • Document Handling (Import/Export)
  • Integrator Handling
  • Freighter Ramp Services / Transportation
  • Airline Customer Services
  • Special Cargo Handling
  • Warehousing

Cargo services:

We offer reliable, time-efficient and best Air cargo company in Pakistan and throughout the world. With the help of skilled professionals and very innovative technology. We have developed a best strategy that caters all your air cargo transportation needs. we are the best air cargo company in Pakistan provide best air cargo services in Pakistan because Our routing specialists with their years of experience in the field provides you the most competitive rates available, keeping in mind the safety standards and the time constraints of your shipment. We map-out specialized routes based on the nature of your cargo and other variables that influence efficient delivery.

Cargo Experts:

A range of time-specific options from economical routing to first flight out and even Same Day, delivering reliability at the speed you Total flexibility over delivery choices door-to-door, airport-to-airport enables you to customize your Air cargo Preferential carrier access ensures your cargo receives time reliability, worldwide. Over 7,000 Air cargo Experts in more than 190 countries ensuring smooth transit of your cargo.

  • Cargo equipment
  • Securing cargo sea freight
  • Complete Door To Door Cargo Solution
  • Normal and exceptional cargo
  • Cargo in containers and flat racks
  • Prepare For Air Cargo Services
  • Offer Air Cargo Services
  • Wide Range of Air Courier Services
  • Full Packing & Moving Service
  • International Freight Forwarders
  • Ibrahim Logistics offer you every possible shipping and logistics and forwarding service at every places all over the world and air cargo company in Pakistan. This is because we co-operate with a wide network of agents worldwide covering not only the European Union and Switzerland, but also India, Mideast, Far East, North-, Latin- and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.
  • we are unique because we cover all kinds of transports – sea, Land and air. Among the services offered by Ibrahim-Logistics are the transport of goods from various locations to the port of loading, temporary storage at the port (when required) and monitoring of the loading process, which is very important when dealing with specialized goods. In co-operation with our partner in the port of destination, we can also monitor the offloading process.
  • Please be so kind to send us your requests, so that we can offer you our services. No matter how complex your logistics requirements are, we look for the ideal solution in making the impossible possible, through our dedicated logistics service team. Today, that experience brings clients a worldwide service supported from our network of strategically located agents and expertly trained import and export clerks.