Freight Forwarding



Freight and Forwarding:

Ibrahim Logistics Pvt Ltd international freight forwarder and best freight forwarding company in Pakistan a Freight Forwarding company provides professional freight and forwarding services to local and international clients and we specialize in managing the whole process of their shipments and we provide the storage for shipping to the shippers owners. A Professional Freight Forwarder company in Pakistan Ibrahim Logistics gives you a variety range of services and good experience .Freight Forwarding Is a transportation process to import and export the goods from one destination to another destination and it’s a long term and time taken process in which you have to face a lot of difficulties and other things but a Freight Forwarding company like Ibrahim Logistics may help you to reach your goals without facing any issues and difficulties.


Freight Forwarding Services:

Ibrahim Logistics a Freight Forwarding company in Pakistan provide the professional freight and forwarding services to the local and international clients and we are specialize in arranging the whole process of their shippers and provide storage to the shipping to the merchandizers. A Professional Freight Forwarding Company in Pakistan like Ibrahim Logistics usually provides a full range of services including,

  • Tracking the shipping transportation
  • Preparation of shipping goods
  • Export documents
  • Warehousing
  • Booking for shipping
  • Cargo space
  • Negotiating Freight charges
  • Freight consolidation
  • Cargo insurance.

Freight Forwarding Services Types:

We provide three types of Freight and Forwarding services which includes,


Ocean freight forwarding is very useful when we are going to the shipping items that are very heavy. Obviously, a ship can handle a lot of volume of goods if we compare with any different kind of transportation and transport weight on a ship is not much of an issue. If you have large goods and product that you want to move from one country to another country than using Ocean freight is probably the best and cheap option if we compare with other freight forwarding services. A Large Container ships can carry large and heavy volumes of Consumers Products for lengthy distances. Ocean freight, it is a well and best way of shipment. Ocean cargo takes a little bit more time than any longer airship cargo but it’s a cheap than if we compare it with air or road. We have our professional agents which make easy for our customers in any of their concern. Sea freight forwarding services was considered all-time best international freight technique, which may continue to be the best technique for shipment. This technique for shipping is adaptable and allow transportation in safe, secure and convenient way.

Ibrahim Logistic the best freight forwarder company has the best relationships with all professionals’ shippers and we provide the best and value added services for responsible that every delivery demand is carried out effectively. With never-ending and superb business relations with every considerable shipping line all over the world.


Goods and products that are usually carried by Air freight companies may have many times dangerous chemical components, medical supplies, food supplies, motor vehicles, machinery, and farm animals. Fortunately, cargo aircraft have been designed in such a way to carry and safeguard these goods and many business organizations and lager firms are aware of the importance of transporting products quickly. Air freight rates are said to be the most best way to do this because in sea cargo we have no doubt it will be cheaper than air but we have to wait a lot for so That is why the agreement of many businesses is to choose Air Freight Forwarding services. It will be more beneficial for you to prefer a Freight Forwarding Company in Pakistan like Ibrahim Logistics that has wide and good associations with other Broker or custom agents in your target market.


Ibrahim Logistics gives you a credible road freight forwarding services by knowing as much about your business targets as transportation concerns in your region. Through clear communication, thoughtful conspiracy and dedicated follow-through, our Road Freight management teams pursue to understand your intentions and create solutions that deliver. We merge simple, regulated Road Freight products with a mass of customization preferences to accomplish the optimal balance of lead-time, space, frequency and cost. We have direct approach to all prime capacities, counting Full Truck Load and Less than Truck Load transports, as well as specialized device like refrigerated vehicles or soft-bed for sensitive equipment. Ibrahim Logistics the Freight Forwarding Company is the fundamental link between the Freight and products and intends to provide a cost and time Door-to-Door service to the customer. Our well experienced and professionals and well-equipped team takes full responsibility of transporting your goods from pre-logistics planning to the final destination delivery.

Our Road Transport Services Include:

  • Door to Door delivery
  • Trucking
  • Transport solutions
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable
  • Transport Insurance

Professional Freight Forwarding Company in Pakistan:

Ibrahim Logistics is the best freight forwarding and logistics and shipping services, and a well-known company in Pakistan either you can call us  for import or export of goods for operational services, or warehouse location, we offer economical operative resolutions. When it comes to Air Freight, we’ll
make sure your assets will be land safe and sound in whatsoever terminal, whether local or international. We are the best provider of international Air Freight solutions, we manage the demands of all our consumers, allowing the world to become a smaller place for our consumers. Our main goal is to become an organization in all forms of transportation, containing Air, Sea and Road. This means that no matter what type of freight you need to be transported for your goods, we will reassure it reaches at its terminal in safe form at on time.

Our focus is to become a one-stop solution to all our consumers’ requirements. To accomplish this, we have a team of well-trained, professionals and contractors that have the skills, expertise and resources to produce a balanced level of high-quality services, with all the essential certifications and assurances in place. When you work with Ibrahim Logistics Freight Forwarding Company in Pakistan, we reassure that your freight is in good hands and that it will reach its destination on time, whatever freight solution we apply.

  • We provide you with inclusive service for air freight solutions:
  • Standardized Products
  • Chartering of less-than-container
  • Full-container loads
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Heavy loads
  • Transportation of dangerous goods